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Midwest Miners

"We exist to continually build and develop principal-centered student athletes, so that they may grow not only individually but also as a team, leaving them the life skills to take on tomorrows world today."

For us, it's about culture. Developing a strong work ethic. Learning how to be a part of a team where you may not be the star. Being coach-able. Knowing how to push yourself and properly care for your body to maximize output. As a staff, we are also very big on stressing academics and behavior. If players don't pull the grades, they don't play. If there are behavior issues at home or at school, there are consequences. We want players to learn that as athletes, they are under a microscope in their communities and at school. Their behaviors are a direct reflection on our program and their families and we want them to learn that while they may not have behaved poorly on the field, they are still going to be seen as "the Miners football player.

The goal of our organization is to help push these kids beyond what is normally expected of them at this age. So by the time they play high school football, the playbooks are not intimidating, the players across from them aren't any better than what they've already faced, and they understand what it takes to play at a championship level.

The Miners teams are formed through a tryout process and are divided up by age on an 11u, 12u & 13/14u team with a birthday cutoff date July 31st.  This is open to players of all skill levels.

12U National Champions

13/14U National Runner Up

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Midwest Miners

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